The scholarship agreement has been signed for students

During the “Scholarship and Career Day” event held at the Science and Technology Center in Novi Sad, a scholarship agreement was signed for students of the Faculty of Technical Sciences at the University of Novi Sad.

As a socially responsible company, we recognize the importance of providing additional motivation and perspective to students during their academic journey. We firmly believe that it is crucial to give them a clear signal that there is a place where they can pursue their professional ambitions both during and after completing their studies.

It is this particular perspective on young people that sets us apart as a regional leader.

With a strong focus on construction quality, Delta Real Estate always prioritizes expertise. We are aware that a skilled workforce and excellent results go hand in hand. For this reason, we want to offer students the opportunity to start their professional engagement in their field of study at an early stage in their careers. Our company provides access to exciting ongoing projects, as well as those planned for the near future.

If we consider the Faculty of Technical Sciences as a knowledge factory, we are pleased to say that Delta Real Estate will serve as an experience factory for students. The combination of their acquired knowledge and practical work in our company guarantees success from the very first step of their careers.

Through this program, we aim to provide students with the opportunity to gain valuable experience, develop relevant skills, and achieve professional advancement in a stimulating environment. We believe that this collaboration between Delta Real Estate and young talents will bring mutual benefits – providing students with perspective and the opportunity to build successful careers, while ensuring a continuous supply of top-notch expertise for our company.

We are opening our doors to students, inviting them to join our company and become part of our team dedicated to excellence in the construction industry. We offer them the chance to work on challenging projects, gain practical experience, and develop in a stimulating environment. Delta Real Estate is committed to supporting young talents, as we are aware that they are the key to our future success.