The congress and business section of the reconstructed Sava Center will open its doors to visitors on November 14th

After over two years of reconstruction, the largest congress center in Southeast Europe is getting ready to welcome its first visitors, with the inaugural event at the new Sava Center taking place on the very same day.

As investors, this project has set new standards in the region regarding the reconstruction of protected structures. By employing a series of innovative technologies, the entire project is being implemented in accordance with the highest ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) standards and green building principles. We take particular pride in the fact that all the main architectural features, which make the facility one of the most recognizable buildings in Belgrade, have been preserved.

The Sava Center holds exceptional significance for both our company and Belgrade, as well as Serbia. As the largest congress center in the Balkans with the biggest congress, conference, and theater halls, this brand transcends the borders of our country.

Through the renovation of the Sava Center, we are once again positioning Belgrade on the map of European congress destinations.