The Belville complex is a residential settlement with more than 5,000 residents
In the very heart of Novi Beograd Municipality, at an amazing location near the highway, the River Sava and the Ada Bridge, lies our residential-business complex Belville. The surface area of 20ha hosts 14 residential buildings with 1,858 apartments of different square footage, 2 buildings with business premises, more than 300 commercial properties and parking spaces for more than 1,900 cars. All of this makes Belville the ideal place for life, offering its residents and tenants a higher level of comfort and peace than other parts of Belgrade.  The fact that it was precisely Belville that was chosen to host the participants of the 2009 World University Games serves as a special confirmation of quality.
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Construction of a large residential complex
The construction of Belville saw the application of construction materials of the highest quality, and special attention was dedicated to ecological sustainability, thermal and sound insulation and earthquake resistance.  Thanks to windows that are larger than the standard ones, apartments in Belville admit more sunlight and fresh air. During the construction period, Belville was the embodiment of a new standard in the field of modern architecture and civil engineering in Serbia, thanks to the most contemporary technical solutions of that time, as well as the quality of used raw materials and materials.


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