Shopping Malls

The largest shopping mall in the southern part of Serbia represents a unique synergy of the most modern construction technologies and tradition reflected in the authentic design of the facility’s façade.

For many years, the first shopping mall in Banja luka, and the largest one in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina at the same time, has not only been a place of excellent shopping experience, but also a place for organizing numerous educational, entertainment and charity events.

Our shopping mall in one of the largest tourist centers on the Black Sea has brought a new concept of shopping experience in Bulgaria, introduced global fashion brands to this market and ensured jobs for 2500 people.

Delta Park was opened in 2010 and represents a pioneering example of retail park as a new retail concept in Serbia. It was designed to meet all customer household needs in one place.

Delta City Podgorica is the first shopping mall in the Montenegrin capital, and at the same time our first venture of this kind undertaken outside of Serbia, through which we’ve introduced many global brands to the Montenegrin market for the first time

Delta City is the first shopping mall on the territory of Serbia. The title of the best shopping mall in Europe in 2009 is the crown of our work on Delta City construction and the confirmation of our quality.