Sava Center

The Sava Center is a unique building in our country, and its architectural value is greater than every moment in history, which is why it was declared a cultural monument.

The Sava Center is one of the largest congress, cultural and business centers in Serbia, but also in this part of Europe. The entire complex consists of three interconnected buildings built in the period from 1977 to 1979, according to the well-known project of the architect Stojan Maksimović.

Sava Center has been owned by our company since November 2021, and only a year later, our team prepared a detailed concept, gathered the best associates and started its reconstruction. The concept of the reconstruction implies, first of all, that this magnificent building is restored to its former glory.

In the reconstruction phase



Kongresna zona

Najveći kapaciteti u regionu i celokupna modernizacija prostora pozicioniraće Sava Centar među najbolje kongresne centre u Evropi.

Poslovna zona

Prvoklasan kancelarijski prostor, različitih kapaciteta i mogućnosti biće prilagođen potrebama renomiranih kompanija.

Šoping zona

Objekat koji je bio preteča prvih šoping molova na našem tržištu, poznat je i kao prvo mesto kupovine Beograđana Mi želimo da tako i ostane!

By adding VIP boxes, the existing capacity of the Blue Hall with 3,672 seats will be expanded to 3,800 seats.

more than 40 meeting rooms

The various capacities of modern conference rooms will become the first choice when organizing seminars, presentations and conferences.

2 multifunctional halls

The possibility of partitioning into three independent units will exist in two large halls: The central congress hall with 1,200 seats and the new “immersive” hall with 900 seats.

OVER 8,000 m² of exhibition space

Sava Center has been and will remain a place of great exhibitions. The largest unit for these purposes will be the foyer in front of the Blue Hall of 3,300m², while the total exhibition space will cover more than 8,000m².

A place where business becomes pleasure

A clearly separated congress-cultural and business-commercial zone, with the hotel business under one roof, will provide Sava Center users with a unique experience.

The new organization of the building’s space is an opportunity for renowned companies that want to locate their office space in the Sava Center. Inspiring public spaces, the possibility of renting business premises with or without a terrace and the proximity of the city center make our offices special.

The interior of the new Sava Center experiences a meeting of old and new elements and solutions

At the very entrance, from Milentija Popovića Street, the visitor will be greeted by a recognizable public space, a technographic map of the world, long halls, a floating gallery space, an alternation of gray concrete and green surfaces that remain the key accent of the interior. Going further towards the halls, the scene will be concrete bridges, old and new elements with lots of daylight and greenery.

The new lighting will represent a tribute to the original solutions in combination with softer and gentle waterfalls, in order to create a balance to the sharp geometry of the existing concrete.

New units in the Sava Center are created as a result of modern requirements in the congress industry

During the entire project, we strive to find the right relationship between the old and the new, and the size and complexity of the building conditioned the approach – from area to area. In order for the measure and ratios to be ideal, in the broadest sense the idea of the project was conceived in gradation. There will be spaces that are retained in their entirety in a distinctive look such as: the famous Blue Hall, also known as the Great Hall, but also the Central Congress Hall, whose cultural and congressional importance has not been lost.

Then, there will be spaces where the old and the new intertwine, and at the very end there will be completely new spaces that will enable better utilization of the Sava Center. Among the new units, the new multifunctional hall and atrium stand out, which will offer a space of over a thousand square meters with the most diverse possibilities for all kinds of events.


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