Delta City Podgorica

Delta City Podgorica is the first real shopping mall in Montenegro whose construction was completed by our company.

Delta City Podgorica is a project that holds a special place in our company. By building Delta City, Delta Real Estate company has brought the first shopping mall to Podgorica, and at the same time has undertaken its first venture of this kind outside of Serbia.

The facility is situated in a great location, in Cetinjski Road Street, only three kilometres from the city centre. The construction of Delta City was finished in record time – the works began in the summer of 2006 and the building was officially opened on 1 October 2008.

Delta City Podgorica was sold in 2016 to the South African investment fund Hyprop Investments for €75,000,000.

We are pushing business boundaries

Delta City Podgorica spreads over two floors and unites around 75 tenants, among which are many globally known retail brands, numerous cafes and restaurants, as well as a multiplex cinema with 6 halls. At the moment of the opening of the facility, around 30% of tenants were comprised of foreign brands that entered the Montenegrin market for the first time.

Many famous people form the world of economy were present at the opening of Delta City Podgorica, and then-mayor of Podgorica stated that such facilities raised standards of contemporary commerce and business.


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