Delta Planet Banjaluka

Delta Planet Banjaluka is the largest shopping and entertainment planet for all generations in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The summer of 2017 marked the beginning of the construction of Delta Planet, the first shopping mall in Banjaluka, the largest one in the entire Bosnia and Herzegovina. 62.500m² host a large number of shops of various global and domestic brands, restaurants, cafes, as well as one of the largest cinemas in the country with 6 cinema halls.

A unique location, near the very centre of Banjaluka, has made this shopping mall one of the favourite places for shopping, entertainment and socialising of almost every Banjaluka resident. Many globally known brands have been introduced to the market of Bosnia and Herzegovina for the first time at the opening of this facility.

Much more than your ordinary shopping mall

Numerous important people from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region were present at the opening of Delta Planet in March 2019, and the mayor of Banja luka said at the opening: “This is not just a regular shopping mall, but one of the best regional and European shopping centers. This is one of the largest workplaces in Banja luka that will employ a large number of people.” Apart from shopping and socializing, Delta Planet has for years been a place where numerous educational, entertainment and charity events are organized.

Facility in motion

From the architectural standpoint, the facility seems to be moving, with the intention of weaving layers and forms that create many plans into long street facades characteristic of shopping malls. This was aided by the façade that refracts in the sun in different ways, thus creating another dimension of the facility’s perception. Delta Planet in Banja luka is especially beautiful in the night when the specific façade lighting comes to prominence.


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