Sustainable Development

Care for the environment and ecological responsibility present in all segments of our company's operations

Our company recognized the importance of green construction and digitization as an indispensable step towards the progress of the construction industry. We strive to develop our projects with the application of the most modern trends and are recognized as one of the leaders in the field of green construction in the region.

We base our long-term business policy on establishing a balance between environmental protection, social responsibility and business. We are driven by a strong motive to, as a responsible investor, build buildings that will combine beauty, functionality and sustainability under one roof. We have won numerous awards in this field and are one of the members of the Serbia Green Building Council.

Green build as an obligation of all of us

The principles of green building are deeply rooted in our portfolio of projects. The introduction of the UNIDOM slab system, during the construction of our new business headquarters, Delta House, which is based on the installation of recycled plastic balls and thus reduces CO₂ emissions, is particularly noteworthy, in which our company is the first in this area.

The use of renewable energy sources, the installation of solar panels, the use of bipolar ionizers for air purification, the greening of buildings and the spread of new green areas are just some of the ways in which the company shows care for its environment. The existence of our own rainwater tank enables efficient collection and use of water, and the interior of our facilities is refined with elements and furniture made of natural and recycled materials.

LEED GOLD certificate as confirmation of responsible investment

The use of sustainable solutions as well as the orientation towards the development of professional staff and the spread of environmental awareness contributed to Delta House being awarded the LEED Gold certificate and thus being among the green certified buildings in Serbia, which we are particularly proud of. We strive for future projects to be awarded with this certificate.

Now, during the reconstruction of the Sava Center, we are already considering a large number of solutions that will be in line with sustainability, so that this congress center will be among the few that possess this type of certificate.

Our report CSR 2021

Our company, as a member of Delta Holding, recognizes that responsible business and investment are the right things for all our associates, our community and the planet.

Sustainability news and stories

We continue to improve in the field of sustainability. Read all about it:

Serbia has been recognized as a growing global market for many years, and statistics and analyses show that it has become one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investors in the last few years. When it comes to domestic investors, Delta Real Estate stands out as the leading company in Serbia in terms of construction standards, implementation concepts, and innovative solutions.