Delta House is an A class office building, much more than office space

The office space of this modern facility will be according to the highest standards of class A business facilities. The first 5 floors are intended for rental, and the last 4 are reserved for companies within the Delta Holding system. The building will offer users common facilities, such as a restaurant, a cafeteria, a gym, and a parking space and changing rooms for cyclists are planned.

The concept of the building was made by the Israeli architectural bureau MYS Architects, while the interior concept was made by an American studio with an office in Paris – StudioS.

The office building is also designed to be energy efficient, and will collect and use rainwater, and the green area on the plot will be larger than the built-up part of the plot. What is also planned by the project is the maximum use of daylight and air capacities in accordance with the strictest world regulations.