Ceremonial opening of the new Delta House office building

As of July 1 2021, the Delta House office building has become the new business headquarters of the Delta Holding company and thus gathered its employees under one roof.

This unique building is the work of the famous Israeli architect Amia Moore, and the studio MYS Architects worked together with him on the design, while Studio S from America is in charge of the interior concept.

Delta House is an A-class office building spread over 13 floors, with a total area of ​​23,000m². The value of the entire investment is EUR 40 million, and it took 16 months for the entire construction and commissioning of the facility.

Delta House has a GOLD LEED certificate, which represents a kind of award for environmentally friendly construction that is present in all segments of this project, with the aim of creating a healthier working environment and maximum environmental protection. Great care was taken in choosing the materials that will be incorporated into this building, and natural and recycled materials prevail. The office building was also designed to be energy efficient, so the building has its own rainwater tank for collecting rain water.

The building is surrounded by green areas that cover over 1,000 m², and the roofs of the building are dominated by greenery on an additional 350 m², which means that the green area on the plot is larger than its built-up part. Special attention was paid to the selection of plant species, so those that require a minimum of water were chosen accordingly. Drip irrigation was also implemented for watering all green areas, which enabled controlled consumption of water for watering.

Special attention was paid to the cleanliness of the air in the indoor space, so ionizers that can be used on all floors were installed, ensuring high quality of indoor air.

The importance and significance of solar energy was taken into account, so a solar power plant was built on the roof of the Delta House building, which enables that 30-40% of the building’s electricity be provided in this way.