New, innovative technological solution at the Sava Center construction site.

Now, for the first time in Serbia and the entire Southeastern Europe, the latest technological solution for the restoration and revitalization in the construction industry is being implemented as part of the reconstruction and renewal project of the Sava Center.

Over the past 20 years, we have successfully avoided repeating the same projects, methods, and approaches. Our passion lies in continuous innovation, striving to create something unique and extraordinary. This approach allows us to experience continuous growth and expansion, focusing on discovering new opportunities and creative solutions.

Through collaboration with Sika and Fiber Plus companies, we have achieved a groundbreaking solution for the rehabilitation of the beam at the Sava Center. By applying the innovative Memory Steel technology, we have become pioneers in this field in Southeast Europe, setting new standards in the industry and ensuring outstanding results for the long-term stability and safety of this important facility.

“During the construction of the Sava Center almost 50 years ago, the latest innovative technological methods were applied. The criteria set for the facility align with our business policy, and the particularly innovative approach to beam rehabilitation is our respect for the cultural monument we are renovating. In addition to the usual considerations, the preservation of the Sava Center’s interior was a crucial factor. Memory Steel technology, as the latest and most efficient on the market, was the only logical solution for all our requirements,” stated Dušan Filipović, Project Design and Construction Manager at Delta Real Estate.

The Sika memory®-steel System is an active reinforcement technology based on so-called shape memory alloys. Such an alloy remembers its original shape and changes the structure of the crystal lattice atoms when pre-stressed in the longitudinal direction. During activation (heating process on the construction site), there is deformation back to the original and more stable structure of the crystal lattice. If this deformation is prevented by proper anchoring to the concrete structure, the pre-stressing of the construction occurs without the loss of force due to friction in memory steel.

With a total investment of 800 million euros in our portfolio, we have constructed over 600,000 m2, distinguishing ourselves as a regional leader in the real estate industry. However, what truly sets us apart is our passion for innovation and the desire to advance the construction industry.

We are excited to contribute to the modernization of the Sava Center and make this project truly special. We extend our gratitude to all our collaborators and the team who have made this innovation a reality.

We look forward to the future and the new possibilities that Memory Steel will bring to our industry. We will continue to explore and apply the best technological advances to provide only the best for our clients and the community.