Interview – Angelina Neklić: Female Leadership and Big Plans for Delta Real Estate

After a record-breaking year in 2023, we spoke with Angelina Nekić, the CEO of Delta Real Estate and Vice President of Delta Holding. We reflected on past successes, discussed ambitious future plans, and talked about a new investment cycle worth over 800 million euros. Additionally, we touched upon the important issue of the status of women in the real estate industry, highlighting the significance of their role and contributions in this dynamic field.


How do you see the role of women in the real estate industry today, and to what extent is Delta Real Estate a role model for others in this regard?

Never before in the history of humanity has it been better to be a woman than it is today. For women today, there are almost no barriers. They have many more opportunities. I have more opportunities than my mother, grandmother, or great-grandmother ever had, and that is wonderful. We have reached a time when professions are not divided by gender, but by how capable individuals are of meeting the demands placed before them. The current situation at Delta Real Estate is such that a higher percentage of employees are women, but we are an organization that is growing and changing, and the percentage could easily shift in favor of men. I believe that we have exceptional people working in our company, both men and women, and that together we are building a better world.

For you personally, how much of a privilege and how much of a challenge is it to lead a team where women dominate, especially in an industry traditionally considered a “man’s world”?

It is a privilege, a pleasure, but also a great responsibility to lead the team at Delta Real Estate. Before becoming CEO, I served as the CFO of the group, where I was accustomed to working in a female-dominated team. It’s a wonderful and supportive environment. Today, more and more women are choosing professions that were once considered exclusively male. I’m very pleased that we, as a society, are progressive in that regard. Even when we look at countries in the surrounding region, we can see that Eastern European countries have more women in business and in senior positions compared to Western Europe. It’s fantastic that women in our country have the opportunity to strive for leadership positions in business.

How do you personally contribute to the development of new leaders within Delta Real Estate, especially when women seek to advance in your company?

All we can do, whether it’s a woman or a man, is provide full support and tools so they can progress. This primarily means knowledge, information, and opportunities. Naturally, people who want to advance are very ambitious. It’s up to us to guide them to where they need to go.

We have just concluded a very important and successful year for Delta Real Estate. Which projects have raised the bar the most, and what are you particularly proud of?

Last year was a record-breaking year in the history of Delta Real Estate Group, setting the stage for us to surpass these results in 2024. All segments—shopping malls, office buildings, and hotels—achieved phenomenal results across all indicators. Our goal is to continue innovating and always creating new value. One project that definitely marked last year was the reconstruction of Sava Centar, with a total investment of 118 million euros. This project is a source of great pride for our group, as it holds significant importance not only for our company but also for the region. Sava Centar is one of the largest congress, cultural, and business centers in Serbia and this part of Europe. In 2023, we reconstructed and opened two-thirds of the total area of Sava Centar, introducing the innovative Immersive Hall—a 360-degree visual experience unprecedented in the Balkans. We don’t stop here; this year, we plan to open the renowned Blue Hall, on which reconstruction is diligently underway. The Blue Hall will be the largest congress and concert hall in the entire Balkans, retaining its distinctive blue color. Visitors will have the opportunity to enjoy the most advanced audio-visual experience. The opening of the Blue Hall, with over 4,000 seats, is scheduled for September this year.


When such high standards are set, there’s an expectation to continue with that level of quality and pace. How and with what will Delta Real Estate surprise us in the near future when it comes to new projects?

We have extremely ambitious plans for the upcoming period as we continue with a new investment cycle. The projects ahead of us are truly monumental in size, quality of offerings, and architectural-construction solutions. These include: Delta Iron, Delta Land, and Delta District.


Delta Iron is a project through which we are making a grand return to Novi Sad after more than 15 years. What Novi Sad lacks is a modern business center, and we have identified this gap. We aim to add value to Novi Sad by introducing a modern business center comparable to those in Belgrade and larger cities in the region. There is a clear business rationale behind our plan to bring a modern, energy-efficient business complex to Novi Sad. Delta Iron will be one of our “greenest” buildings, incorporating various innovations. For the first time, we will implement geothermal probes for a commercial building. Additionally, the building will be powered by a 1.3MW solar power plant, and we will employ the latest construction technologies throughout the building process. This transformation will turn the former industrial zone at the entrance to Novi Sad into a modern business hub. We are pleased to provide Novi Sad with a contemporary business block that befits this city.

Delta Land will be unique in this part of Europe. It’s a modern residential model with a significant emphasis on communal amenities. Delta Land follows a mixed-use concept, which is particularly intriguing as it includes buildings protected by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Monuments, which we aim to preserve as an integral part of the city’s cultural and historical heritage—a testament to the legacy of Miloš Savčić, former mayor of Belgrade. This motivates us to offer Belgrade an authentic architectural expression not previously seen in the capital. This is where the true beauty of working in real estate lies—you witness the transformation of a city area and the improvement of quality of life.

Delta District stands out as a gem among our projects, located in the most attractive part of New Belgrade’s business center, in Block 20. Within this project, we will build a five-star hotel, a modern office building, and a residential area integrated with the hotel and serviced by it—a unique offering in the luxury apartment market. This project represents an exclusive concept with premium service in Serbia, and its impressive architecture and high-quality construction will make this block truly distinctive.