Crowne Plaza Belgrade is the winner of the prestigious award Saint-Gobain Rigips Trophy Serbia for 2013

The Crowne Plaza Hotel won the first prize in the category of interiors of special facilities – hospitals, hotels, schools and universities.

Delta Real Estate received an award as the General Coordinator of works on design and construction of the facility.

At the Saint-Gobain Rigips Trophy Serbia and Montenegro 2013 competition, projects implemented in the period 2011-2013 were presented. 48 of the most successful candidates were short-listed. The international jury’s criteria for choosing the winner were the design and originality of the solution, special construction techniques and details, fire protection, thermal insulation and energy saving, sound insulation and absorption, scope and complexity of the work.

Saint-Gobain Rigips Trophy Serbia 2013 is an event that aims to promote domestic designers who create top-quality interiors and contractors of Rigips works.

Delta Invest, which previously worked within the Delta Holding system, as the General Manager of Design and Construction, was awarded several times for the Delta Holding facility, Delta City 67, BMW, Delta Sport…