Our team on MIPIM – The world’s leading real estate market event

The end of March was significant for the global real estate sector as the largest event in the industry, MIPIM2023, took place. Our directors, Angelina Nekić, Katarina Gajić, and Milos Grdinić, MRICS, presented innovative ideas, planned projects, and our mission of construction in accordance with the principles of environmental sustainability.

During the three-day event in Cannes, the latest global trends were presented, with a particular focus on digitization, a key theme that has made significant progress in recent years. The emphasis was on software programs used for property management and development, which caught the attention of visitors. In addition to digitization, the dominant theme was ESG business policy. The industry is increasingly emphasizing the importance of buying properties built and operated in accordance with environmental protection principles on a global level. Investors clearly emphasized ESG principles as a crucial advantage in project selection for investment. These trends show that sustainable development is becoming an increasingly critical factor in the real estate industry.

The largest projects from this region that were presented at the fair were Sava Centar, Delta Land, Delta Iron, and Delta District. In addition to promoting our four new projects, our colleagues attended the “Serbia: A place for your growth” event, which showcased the increasingly dynamic domestic real estate sector to a global audience. In order to further promote ourselves, we plan to participate in MIPIM next year, where we will proudly provide a detailed insight into our projects within our exhibition space.

Our business strategy involves a constant pursuit of innovation, change, and modernization. At Delta Holding’s recent annual media conference, we announced investments of over 600 million EUR until 2027, with which we will continue to improve the cities in which we operate. Our presence at global events is a practice and an opportunity to exchange knowledge with leading global experts. With established contacts with key representatives from all relevant sectors, we expect offers to emerging that we will carefully consider. In the coming period, we have meetings scheduled with potential partners we met at this event who could contribute to the modernization of the Serbian real estate market.