We hosted students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Belgrade.

Last Friday, at the construction site of Sava Centar, on the eve of the International event “April in Belgrade,” and under the auspices of the International Association of Civil Engineering Students – IACES, we hosted students from the Faculty of Civil Engineering at the University of Belgrade.

The students were given a unique opportunity to witness the application of advanced technologies in the construction industry firsthand, gaining insights into new trends and working methods in the field.

Additionally, the visit allowed them to learn more about the process of renovating cultural and historical landmarks and become acquainted with the specific challenges that arise in such projects. Through direct interaction with professionals in the field, the students had the chance to ask questions and exchange ideas, which will greatly benefit their future academic endeavors.

During the visit, the young individuals were introduced to the principles of green building, energy efficiency, digitalization, and other modern technologies used in the renovation process of Sava Centar. Our company representatives provided them with essential information and explained how these technologies are implemented in practice.

Responsible construction is a concern that affects us all, and it is our responsibility to instill this awareness in younger generations so that they can continue building sustainable, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly structures for a better future of our planet.

We believe that sharing experiences with future professionals is crucial for the improvement and sustainability of our industry, which is why we are always delighted to welcome young, intelligent, and ambitious individuals.

We would also like to express our gratitude to the university, IACES, and the students for creating a fantastic atmosphere, dynamic interactions, and intriguing questions that contributed to a successful and enriching visit for all involved parties.