Interview – Miloš Grdinić, MRICS: Our company has big plans for the future

Serbia has been recognized as a growing global market for many years, and statistics and analyses show that it has become one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investors in the last few years. When it comes to domestic investors, Delta Real Estate stands out as the leading company in Serbia in terms of construction standards, implementation concepts, and innovative solutions. We spoke with Milos Grdinić, MRICS – Director of Development and Asset Management, about why Delta Real Estate is a leader in Southeast Europe in the field of construction and property management.

You joined Delta Real Estate at the beginning of the year, but what’s interesting is that you used to work for the company. What were the key factors that led to your decision to return?

Personal and professional growth and development are a priority in my life, which means that I have always been drawn to new challenges and opportunities that I believe can contribute to that. Leaving the company was part of that search, but I always knew that my path leads to the best conditions for advancement, which is the key reason for my return to Delta Real Estate. It is very important to me to participate in further developing a company that nurtures the principle of green construction, insists on the highest standards, and is all in a team with people who love their job. We are all witnessing catastrophic climate change. I believe that socially responsible business leaders should take a leading position in business strategies. I am excited to have the opportunity to work again with enthusiastic and innovative people who believe in what they do. After researching the market throughout the region, the conclusion was clear – continuous development at the height of global standards is precisely in Delta Real Estate.

Green building is becoming increasingly important in today’s world, and Delta Real Estate stands out for its commitment to this approach. What’s new that you have introduced to the Serbian market?

Although environmental awareness in Serbia is still underdeveloped, there is an initial wave of green buildings. I am proud to be part of a team that is engaged in socially responsible investing and that is one of the first companies in Serbia to meet the GOLD LEED certification standards. Delta House, the headquarters of Delta Holding corporation, holds this certification and has highly efficient systems that protect the environment, including a rainwater tank, bipolar ionizers for air cleaning, solar panels, and plastic balls as an easier-to-install concrete structure. Interestingly, the building has over 1.300m2 of greenery on the roof and grounds, which is larger than the building itself. In addition to building new structures, we are also involved in projects to renovate buildings of cultural and historical significance for Belgrade and Serbia. These projects will comply with global environmental standards, making existing structures energy-efficient and sustainable, further contributing to the greening of Serbia.


Can you tell us more about our new projects, what makes them special, and what are our plans for their realization?

Our company has big plans for the future, supported by a budget of over 620 million euros allocated for a new investment cycle. We are focused on our vision that includes innovation, functionality, and eco-sustainability, and our four new projects are examples of our dedication – Sava Centar, Delta Iron, Delta Land, and Delta District. I would like to highlight Delta Iron, a business complex in Novi Sad, consisting of four buildings with a total area of 40,000m2. This complex stands out with its unique shape, and the construction will be planned using green technologies to meet the needs of the modern market and contribute to the modernization of the city. Belgrade clearly shows the need for office spaces, which is evident through the interest of tenants. Delta District plans to complement this market with three new A+ class buildings, which will be built during the next year. Each office will be unique thanks to impressive architecture and a panoramic view of the capital. In addition to office buildings, Delta District plans to build an exclusive five-star hotel. The Sava Centar and Delta Land projects are of particular importance to us because they involve the reconstruction of buildings with a rich historical past, and through their realization, we revive the pulse of Belgrade by applying future technology. The mixed-use concept of the Delta Land project marks our return to building residential spaces. Our goal is to provide citizens with a better quality of life in an eco-sustainable new settlement that carries the history of Belgrade. The start of Delta Land’s realization is expected this year.

Our team has the privilege of working on the reconstruction of the Sava Centar, which is not only the largest congress center in Southeast Europe but also one of the distinctive symbols of Belgrade due to its importance for the city and its specific historical and cultural significance.

How have you adapted to changes and what are the biggest opportunities for your company in the future?

As a proud member of Delta Holding, Delta Real Estate has a 20-year tradition in the real estate industry. In addition to continuous learning and caring for our employees, the key to success in the real estate industry is listening to the market needs and developing projects that will meet those needs at the highest level. As we have demonstrated through revenue and EBITDA growth of over 55% in 2022, our quality management and expert team are always ready to find innovative and sustainable solutions for projects. In the future, we see the greatest opportunities in developing green projects and reconstructing buildings with cultural and historical significance in accordance with the highest global ecological standards. This will be our contribution to further modernization and sustainable development of Serbia, while we continue to focus on the market and develop projects that will best serve our clients and users. Respecting the cultural and historical heritage of the locations where we develop our projects is one of the key values guiding us in our work.