Presented the 15th Sustainability Report

We proudly presented the 15th Sustainability Report of our company and other members of the Delta Holding system. At the event held in the Sava Center, we showcased the key results and achievements in the field of sustainable business in 2023.

The report highlighted our efforts to improve energy efficiency, practice socially responsible business, and apply innovative solutions to all projects in our portfolio. We were delighted to host representatives of the business community and the media at the Sava Center, which, after reconstruction, became the first BREEAM-certified building in its category. During the renovation of this iconic Belgrade landmark, we focused on implementing the most advanced solutions that enabled a 30% reduction in energy consumption compared to the previous period. The glass facade, covering an area of 7,000m², was replaced with energy-efficient glass of the latest generation, and 912 solar panels were installed on the roof to generate electricity.

“ESG is a central theme in all business sectors, and for us, it has been a way of life and work for many years. We ambitiously invest in innovative technologies, green building, renewable energy sources, artificial intelligence, and digitalization. We create businesses and develop people in a sustainable way, which is reflected in our new visual identity,” said Marija Desivojević Cvetković, Senior Vice President for Strategy and Development of our company.

Together with other member companies, we used renewable energy sources from solar power plants and biomass facilities. In this way, at the Delta Holding system level, we reduced CO2 emissions by 30,460 tons, which is equivalent to the absorption of 1.4 million trees annually. The strategic goal of our company is to obtain 60% of our energy from renewable sources by 2030 and to reduce harmful gas emissions by 50%.

As in previous years, we remained committed to developing corporate culture, promoting equality and diversity. With great joy, we have continued our collaboration on long-standing humanitarian projects that provide assistance and support to the community. In 2023, we expanded projects that contribute to the development of agriculture and rural communities.

“When it comes to the social aspect of sustainability, I would highlight our significant contribution to the community. We expanded the Our Village and Digital Village projects, which aim to modernize agricultural production. The project encompassed 150 farms, and at the end of 2023, we included a fourth village, Ključ. Together with our partners in the Digital Village project, we are developing the Mokrin-Sense digital application for producers. The Digital Village is also part of the European Commission’s FOSTER project to improve the food system. We are also proud of the Third Parent project, in which our employees participate, aimed at preserving biological families. So far, we have empowered 48 families and 79 children,” said Tijana Koprivica, our Director of Sustainability.

At the event presenting the Sustainability Report, Aleksandar Janjušević, Senior Advisor at the Ministry of Finance, emphasized that in 2023, a small number of companies report on non-financial aspects of business and supported the work and practice of our company, which has been conducting this type of reporting for 15 consecutive years.

For us, sustainable business is not just a trend but an imperative. The entire report was conducted in accordance with the internationally recognized Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) methodology.

“This methodology aligns with the current EU requirements, which will become more rigorous in the coming period, especially in the domain of precise assessment of the impact of climate and social changes on the financial results of companies,” said Danijela Mirković, Head of the EY Audit Department, at the panel.

We also announced the development of Delta Sapiens, the first AI brand assistant in Southeast Europe, which will support the development of our employees and the adoption of new knowledge.

With years of experience and dedication to sustainable development, we will continue to set standards in green building through projects such as Delta District, Delta Land, and Delta Iron. Sustainability is key to our future, so our projects will continue to enhance the community in which we live and work.