Delta House was awarded the prestigious LEED Gold certificate

Delta House is one of the first office buildings in Serbia that has a LEED Gold certificate.

Only a few buildings in our country have the LEED Gold certificate and it is awarded only to those buildings that were built in compliance with the highest global standards of green building.

During the construction of Delta House, the most modern trends of environmentally friendly construction were followed in all phases of the project. This was applied both through the selection of materials and through the implementation of highly efficient systems and the introduction of innovative technological solutions.

Rainwater tank

A rainwater tank was designed within the building to collect storm water from all roofs. The technical water used in the building comes from the tanks that collect rainwater.

Object wrapper

The facade system of the office building was chosen to ensure maximum thermal and sound insulation.

Greening of the building

The space around the building covers as much as 1,000 m² of green areas with an additional 350 m² of greenery on the roof surfaces. The selection of plants was made on the basis of the WUCOLS list exclusively, so all the chosen plant species belong to the LC category of plants, i.e. plants that require minimal amounts of water. Drip irrigation for watering all green areas has been implemented, which has enabled controlled consumption of water for watering.

Lightweight concrete construction

During the construction of the building, a system of lightened concrete slabs was chosen as a system of ceilings between floors, which implies the installation of plastic UNIDOM balls that are made of 100% recycled plastic. As a result, less concrete was used, and therefore CO2 production was reduced.

Bipolar ionizers and air particle cleaning through the ionization process

Special attention was paid to the cleanliness of the air in the closed space, and through the bipolar solution for ionization, a high quality of indoor air was made possible.

Solar panels

There is a solar power plant on the roof of the Delta House facility, so part of the electricity is obtained through solar energy.

All built-in materials in the building were considered in detail, and those that contain a high percentage of recycled material or natural materials were chosen.