How will the Sava Center become sustainable?

After purchasing the Sava Center, one of our primary goals was to improve the energy efficiency of this well-known facility. Knowing that there are only a few congress centers in the world that have a certificate in this area, encouraged our team of engineers to implement a series of solutions that will include the Sava Center among the best congress centers.

For years, no investment has been made in this facility, all systems and installations have long been out of order, outdated and worn out. The recognizable glass facade has been leaking for a long time, and the leakage of a large amount of heat makes this building energy inefficient. With the desire to position this facility high on the list of sustainable European congress centers, we have prepared a series of solutions for this project that will improve its energy efficiency:


The glass facade, which covers an area of ​​more than 7,000 m², had to be replaced for years. This way, extremely poor thermal insulation is solved, but also the safety of visitors is ultimately increased. After a detailed analysis and consideration of the offers, a solution was found that meets all the necessary requirements from the aesthetic and functional side.
The new glass that will adorn the Sava center in the future will be almost identical in color to the old, but when it comes to functionality, there are not many similarities.

The new glass cover will consist of three-layer glass, which provides exceptional thermal insulation, with a solar factor in the range of 25-35%. This practically means that in the winter the glass envelope will keep the heat inside the building itself, and in the summer the sun’s rays will have much less effect on the temperature increase precisely because of the low percentage of the solar factor.


The second in a series of solutions involves the exploitation of solar energy. This type of renewable source is already widely considered to become the number one producer of “green” electricity by 2025. The Sava center with its impressive area of ​​100,000 m² has excellent potential for the installation and use of solar panels.

The architecture and design of the roof and facade are such that, after reconstruction, large flat surfaces can be used for the implementation of solar solutions. These systems will significantly contribute to reducing the need to purchase electricity throughout the year, primarily during the summer months when the efficiency of solar panels is the highest.


After the reconstruction, the Sava Center will be a true green oasis in the center of New Belgrade, following the example of the world’s most famous congress centers. Given that pollution is becoming an increasingly topical issue in the Serbian capital, greenery and clean air in the building will be of increasing importance. It is planned in the project that the interior of the building will be filled with daylight and greenery in order to make the stay as pleasant as possible.